Partners for Careers Program is an initiative administered through the Manitoba Association of Friendship Centres. This program focuses on providing employment assistance to individuals who have graduated from high school (or equivalent) and/or a post-secondary program or institution. The Partners for Careers Counsellor networks within the community and matches employers with graduates, who are ready to pursue their career. Additionally, related workshops are delivered and partnerships have been established to provide other activities such as employer luncheons, etc. For further information please contact the Partners for Careers Counsellor at 204-677-0959.

Youth Employment Services offers youth with assistance in seeking and obtaining employment. A variety of services are provided and designed to meet the needs of youth ages 16-24 who are quite often seeking their first job and have little to no experience in the working field. These services consist of employment readiness workshops, resume preparation, interview preparation, job search techniques, Manitoba labour laws, labour market information, etc. Additional supports include individual employment/education counselling, various workshops, community presentations, referrals, etc. For further information please contact the Youth Employment Counsellor at 204-677-0987.

Employment First North identifies barriers that Urban Aboriginal people face in attempting to secure employment.  
Through a collaborative measure including extensive  analysis, training and identifying  life skill  needs, individuals will be assessed  in a timely manner and begin the process of securing gainful employment.  Through the intake process, PRE-EMPLOYMENT participants will work closely with Ma-Mow-We-Tak Assessment officers, before transitioning to our Support coaches.   It is at this stage that identified barriers are addressed, ultimately ensuring the applicant has reached the point of becoming EMPLOYABLE.  Once the applicant is hired and becomes EMPLOYED they will transition to our Success Coach, who will provide ongoing support to ensure SUSTAINED EMPLOYMENT. 
Youth Win With Choices is designed to provide opportunities for youth to participate in a guided process which promotes personal development, independence, choices and employment and a variety of skills training.  Specified training enables youth to take responsibility and control of his/her life.  This project will work with Urban Aboriginal Youth ages 16-24, to enhance their capability to be self-reliant by shifting attitudes and values to promote lifelong labour force potential.