New Beginnings – The Connection for Aboriginal Children   program is a licensed pre-school facility, which continues to strive to meet the needs of children ages 0-6, emphasizing on children ages 3-5 with the necessary skills needed in order to prepare them for kindergarten. Attendance and parental involvement play a large role in the progress of the participants, and enhancement of the programs activities. All activities are delivered in a holistic, inclusive manner. New Beginnings continues to strive to enrich the lives of young Aboriginal children and their families through programming designed to meet their cultural, social, emotional, intellectual, nutritional, and physical needs. For further information please contact the New Beginnings Coordinator at 204-677-0980.
Ma-Mow-We-Tak Friendship Centre Adult Basic Education Program  provides an upgrading and Stage program to adults who have been out of school for a number of years and are interested in furthering their education or gaining employment. In the past, the students who have completed the program have gone on to attend University College of the North, some have obtained employment and others have achieved a level of education which has enabled them to assist their children with their homework. This program requires a great deal of commitment and dedication, and has been evident in the progress of the individuals who have enrolled in the program.  For more information please contact the Adult Basic Education Instructor at 204-677-0991.
Northern Youth Councils Project is a joint venture between the Ma-Mow-We-Tak Friendship Centre and Healthy Child Manitoba to reduce adolescent pregnancy in Northern Manitoba. In order to achieve this, alternative programming designed by youth is offered. Attendance has been very good, with a number of youth being very committed to their involvement in the project. Activities range from the “Baby Think it Over” program, presentations on pregnancy prevention, living a healthy lifestyle, and many more topics. In addition to the above mentioned activities, they also participate in the planning of youth dances, wilderness weekends, movie nights, gym nights, various workshops selected by the youth, guest speakers, etc. For further information please contact the Northern Youth Council Coordinator at 204-677-0988.
Parent/Child Centre    This is an initiative administered through the Manitoba Association of Friendship Centres to provide programs and services for children 6 – 12 and their parents.  Research was conducted previously to identify gaps in service delivery for this target group and this program is being delivered based on the research and the unique needs of each community.   This program focuses on advocacy, referral and liaison supports to children and their parents to ensure accessibility and provision of special services as identified.  For further information please contact the Parent/Child Centre Coordinator at 677-0950.
Circle    The Circle is designed to meet the needs of urban Aboriginal Youth 12 – 24 years of age and is delivered utilizing a holistic, inclusive approach.  This is achieved through the provision of programs, services and activities with emphasis on culture, education, recreation, employment, justice and social issues.  The Circle works in partnership with other community (youth) programs and agencies/ organizations that have a vested interest in youth to provide a one-stop-shop environment for the urban Aboriginal youth population.  The Circle is driven by youth for youth, and youth participate in all aspects of the development and delivery of the project.  For further information please contact 677-0950.
Elders Program continues to provide a much needed service to our Aboriginal Elders. We offer monthly suppers to the Elders with transportation to and from the Ma-Mow-We-Tak Friendship Centre for these events. The suppers provide a great opportunity for socialization with their peers. The gatherings are an excellent way for the Elders to address concerns, identify needs, acquire information on issues that pertain to them, and mingle with others. Translation supports are also in place as well as this proves valuable when dealing with various issues and concerns. For further information please contact the Community Liaison Worker at 204-677-0966.
Additional Programs, Services, and Events:
Outstanding Aboriginal Student Award
Workshops/Information Sessions
Summer Day Camps
National Aboriginal Day
Health & Leisure Mart
Community Christmas Events
Outdoor Wilderness Activities
Medicine Picking

Traditional Teachings